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Krippendorff’s Concepts of Science Related to Design

Nowadays, design is developing as a science which has many branch to fulfill the human needs. There are three concepts of science related to design in the book The Semantic Turn by Klauss Krippendorff:

1. “Science of design,… that body of work which attempts to improve our understanding of design through scientific (i.e. systematic and reliable) methods of investigation” Cross, 2000:96). Here design is the object of research, undertaken by various academic disciplines, yielding knowledge about design, in the terminology whith criteria from these disciplines, that is, from outside the design discourse.

2. “Design Science…an explicity organized, rational and wholly systematic approach to design;not just utilization of scientific knowledge of artifact, but design in some sense a scientific actifity itself. (Cross, 2000:96)

3. Science of design, systematic collection of accounts of successful design practices, design methods, nd their lessons,however abstract, codified, theorized, whose communication and evaluation within the design community ammounts to theself-reflective reproduction of design practices. It also includes ways of consulting related knowledge bases in supportof particular design decisions and project research. Its aim to keep design discourse viable and productive.

So, design is growing and all designers have to be aware and realized about it.!!