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Design Research References

Ken Friedman suggested that there are some wonderful books on design research methods — some linked to practical design methods, using clinical research to frame the issues, questions, and problems that designers then solve.

Here is a short list of six recent books that you will find helpful.

Boeijen, Annemiek van, Jaap Dalhuizen, Jelle Zistra, and Roos van der Schoor, eds. 2014. Delft Design Guide. Amsterdam: BIS.

Boyer, Bryan, Justin Cook, and Marco Steinberg. 2011. In Studio: Recipes for Systemic Change. Helsinki: Sitra.

Koskinen, Ilpo, John Zimmerman, Thomas Binder, Johan Redström, and Stephan Wensveen. 2011. Design Research Through Practice: From the Lab, Field, and Showroom. Waltham, Massachusetts: Morgan Kaufmann.

Kumar, Vijay. 2013. 101 Design Methods. A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organisation. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley.

Sanders, Elizabeth B. N., and Pieter Jan Stappers. 2012. Convivial Toolbox. Generative Research for the Front End of Design. Amsterdam: BIS.

Simonsen, Jesper, Connie Svabo, Sara Malou Strandvad, Kristine Samson, Morten Hertzum, and Ole Henrik Hansen. 2014. Situated Design Methods. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.